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ERP system UNIQ - Enterprise resource planning

Large amount of internal processes of given firm has to be lead by an information system, which is able to keep records and inform about the entire situation. ERP is a system, which automatically plans the internal processes and manages all resources of a business. Some of the processes are for instance manufacturing, sales, assets management, invoicing, accounting, supply chain management, finances or human resources management. ERP hence is designed to lead production affairs and provide sufficient information to the management.

  • Information system – ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning)


The key benefits of ERP

  • Increase in work efficiency
  • Absolute overview over your company
  • Decrease in errors
  • Secure data storage
  • Workflow optimization
  • Quick and handy reports useful in decision-making
  • Data centralization and optimization
  • Considerable amount of time saved
  • Unification of processes smoothens the firm’s operations
  • Gain of surprisingly useful information
  • ERP saves money all along the process of making it


Who is ERP made for

ERP system UNiQ is designed for multiple types of small and middle-sized businesses ranging from 5 to 50 employees.

  • Small and middle-sized businesses
  • Large companies up to 50 employees


Implementation of ERP

Implementation of ERP is the process of including the system into the set of company’s tools. This includes much more than just an installation of the softwareThe implementation requires much more effort, experience and knowledge. It includes analysis conduction, process planning and last but least mutual communication of the system authors and the users.


ERP as complex solution for your company

  • We analyze your financial processes
  • Planning of the implementation process
  • Customization of the software to your needs
  • Definition of the key processes within ERP system
  • Testing the system performance
  • Adaptation to your corporate culture
  • Employee training


ERP system UNiQ is

  • Fast
  • User-friendly
  • Effective
  • Data relation based


Powerful ERP software from Czech developers

ERP software UNiQ is a product of developers from A.W.I.S. Správa, systémy s.r.o. The system itself is a Czech product, and as such brings benefits including good cross-language compatibility, and clear extensible code. In comparison to mass-developed code, our product ensures the highest possible quality and compliance to the newest European and international standards.


Gallery and demonstration Gallery and demonstration

For the simplification of your notion about our application, we have to show you functions and services.

Integration of CRM and ERP system UNiQ with other systems Cross-App compatibility

UNiQ is straightforward and flexible, so it can be connected to many other software solutions including accounting systems.

Regular updates of CRM and ERP Regular updates

Updates based on current trends or customer requests are provided frequently and for free.

Implementation of CRM UNiQ Implementace CRM UNiQ

Adaptability of the software to your exact needs is our key value. The software will precisely fit into your company.

Why UNiQ? Why UNiQ?

We have over 20 years long experience in software development and great know-how in B2C and B2B commerce.

Seminars, workshops Seminars, workshops

Sign-up for a training in use of the CRM system tailored to your specific needs!

CRM for free


unlimited up to 3 users

CRM prezentation


of UNiQ system

CRM demo version

Demo version

of UNiQ system

  • marketing marketing marketingPresales – marketing section

    With CRM UNiQ you can set goals, control success rate, analyze and plan future of your business.

  • business business businessSales – business section

    With UNiQ you get not only an effective planner – updated, centralized and shared information for every person who need them.

  • servis servis servisServis – aftercare

    We know how to extract the maximum potential from current contacts, customers, business cases and projects.

  • data data dataStatic data

    There are always data that varies minimally. Still, you need to register, centralize and share it with everyone who needs them

  • data data dataDynamic data

    For each trade are the most important updates and sharing in real time. Dynamic data grow and change. New appointments, new offers, and such documents are part of every business transaction or project.

  • communication communication communicationCommunication – campaigns

    At the beginning of each trade is contact. Mail, telephone, recommendations, invitation to the presentation etc.

  • statistics statistics statisticsReports – Statistics – Analysis

    Evaluation of the campaign (and the success and feedback) conducted by sophisticated procedures as part of CRM.

  • profit profit profitProfit – reducing costs


  • management management managementManagement – control

    Every CRM system is only a supporting tool which makes operating of the whole system easier and more effective. Simplify the integration and coordination of marketing, sales and customer service in a coherent and comprehensive approach to the care of each individual customer.

  • modules modules modulesModules

    CRM system UNiQ offers a modular solution according to the wishes and needs of users and modules with extended services.