CRM and ERP system UNiQ – the right chance for your business

Only the successful companies know what it takes to build and maintain perfect relationship to their customer. It might be you, who just found out that CRM is an essential tool to do that. Yes, your firm needs to breathe, it needs a CRM system. In the end, you have finally understood the process of customer relationship management and you want to start fulfilling your company’s potential. We will help you to achieve that

You have chosen the right place. We are going to tell you what approach is it necessary to take on your way to have perfectly managed the relationship to you customers and public. Your employees will be taken care of in our CRM training and we will provide you with our unique UNiQ information system. Look at the DEMO or try the full version for free for unlimited time.

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Demo version

of UNiQ system

  • marketing marketing marketingPresales – marketing section

    With CRM UNiQ you can set goals, control success rate, analyze and plan future of your business.

  • business business businessSales – business section

    With UNiQ you get not only an effective planner – updated, centralized and shared information for every person who need them.

  • servis servis servisServis – aftercare

    We know how to extract the maximum potential from current contacts, customers, business cases and projects.

  • data data dataStatic data

    There are always data that varies minimally. Still, you need to register, centralize and share it with everyone who needs them

  • data data dataDynamic data

    For each trade are the most important updates and sharing in real time. Dynamic data grow and change. New appointments, new offers, and such documents are part of every business transaction or project.

  • communication communication communicationCommunication – campaigns

    At the beginning of each trade is contact. Mail, telephone, recommendations, invitation to the presentation etc.

  • statistics statistics statisticsReports – Statistics – Analysis

    Evaluation of the campaign (and the success and feedback) conducted by sophisticated procedures as part of CRM.

  • profit profit profitProfit – reducing costs


  • management management managementManagement – control

    Every CRM system is only a supporting tool which makes operating of the whole system easier and more effective. Simplify the integration and coordination of marketing, sales and customer service in a coherent and comprehensive approach to the care of each individual customer.

  • modules modules modulesModules

    CRM system UNiQ offers a modular solution according to the wishes and needs of users and modules with extended services.